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Amber was astonishing, not only during the delivery but before and after as well. I previously had a doula with my first child and was anxious when I learned she had moved away and I was pregnant again. I wasn't sure if I would be able to find one that was as good as the last. Amber was everything that I was hoping for and more. She was there for me the entire time during the delivery and did everything she said she would (and then some). If you are even thinking of hiring a doula I would meet with Amber. The amount of knowledge she has is impressive and she shares it with you willingly. Regardless of the birth plan you have she supports your choices. I wouldn't enter another delivery room without her by my side.

- Tara of Apple Valley, CA (review can be verified on Facebook business page)

Amber really shines in the most pivotal moments of labor. She knew exactly when and where to provide comfort. She provided much needed support for my husband and I during a semi-high risk delivery. If she wasn't there, I'm sure I would have had a C-section. She also provides great postpartum support. Thanks so much, Amber.

- Celeste of Loma Linda, CA (review can be verified on Facebook business page)

Yes and we now have the husband point of view. I don't know what we would have done without the support of Amber. She is a very caring and a professional individual that was there for us before, during, and after the birth of our son and daughter.

She was very patient with me which allowed me to enjoy the birth experience instead of being freaked out. I have been present at the birth of all of our three children, which is a miracle in itself because I am in the military. She educated me in a way that I felt comfortable in assisting my wife, and it created a comfortable birth experience for both Nicole and I.

Thank you Amber for everything that you did for our family, it's an experience that we will never forget.

-Gil, of Fort Irwin, CA (review can be verified on Facebook business page)

Amber is more than incredible !!! She helped us with the pregnancy and birth of our baby girl. From our first meeting, she provided us with so much information on any subject we came up with and helped us through the entire process. When my wife went into labor, she came to our house and took care of my wife wonderfully. It was amazing to see her guide her through the process of labor until it was time to go to hospital. At the hospital, she was my wife's champion! She kept her on our birth plan and made her feel strong at her weakest times. My wife was able to give birth naturally ,just as she wanted. Our little girl was born healthy and happy without drugs.

We did the delayed cord clamping as she suggested and she took the placenta to make pills for my wife. I truly feel the placenta pills helped my wife to reenergize herself as a new mother with no post-partem depression. It has been 8 months since the birth and our daughter is doing great. We still look to her for advice on her well baby care.

Thank you Amber for all you have done. As I said, You are Incredible !!!

-Brian of Rancho Cucamonga, CA  (review can be verified on Facebook business page)

I honestly don't even know where to begin telling you how much we appreciate this woman and what she does. Two years ago we found Amber and she gave us such joy, excitement, and knowledge on our journey toward natural BIRTH with our first daughter, Lillian. Amber was so kind and compassionate and carried herself with such grace and confidence. We knew we found exactly what we were looking for. We had such a peace knowing SHE was going to use her God given talents to help us welcome our first born into the world as naturally as we could, and we did. Amber was such a blessing for my husband and I, that as soon as we found out we were pregnant again, we contacted Amber right away to make sure she would be available. My pregnancies were challenging and uncomfortable, yet birth seemed so natural and flawless and I know it was because of her gentle wisdom speaking over us through it all. From the time the hard labor came on, to the time our children were born, was about 3 hours tops... And she knew right when it was time to get to the hospital so we didn't have our babies on the freeways. LOL I pushed the limits because I didn't want to be in the hospital long, but she encouraged me "now would be a good time." My second child is now 6 months old, and if I have a question about breastfeeding, she still is willing to help. OH and she took my placenta for encapsulation and though I felt I didn't need it, I'm glad she did it. I still have some pills just incase I need that extra natural boost. Amber made the birth experience so wonderful, because for me, she gave me the encouragement and the wisdom and empowerment that "I was born to do this!" We will be moving out of state soon, and I would fly her out just to be part of the next (if there is a next) birth experience.

-Jen of Anaheim, CA (review can be verified on Facebook business page)

Both my husband and I were very happy we had Amber as our Doula. She was a wealth of knowledge during my pregnancy and was a big help with my birth plan. We planned on laboring at home as long as possible but my water broke unexpectedly two weeks early without me being in active labor so I had to go to the hospital sooner than I wanted. Amber was out of town at the time but kept in constant contact with us via phone informing us what to expect from the hospital and what decisions we needed to make. Once Amber arrived at the hospital she reassured us everything was fine and made sure the hospital staff respected our birth plan. My labor was long and slow to start and she gave me encouragement throughout. Amber was supportive of whatever labor position I was in and always had a suggestion for making me more comfortable. Her presence also made my husband more calm and comfortable with the whole birthing process. She went above and beyond in helping me with my natural labor from massaging my feet in early labor to holding a bag for me to vomit in during intense contractions while I sat on the toilet. She was an amazing help and very adamant with the doctor making sure my baby received all of her cord blood before it was cut by my husband.

Amber also assisted me with breastfeeding for the first latch and those first stressful days home from the hospital. I owe a lot of my breastfeeding success to her.

She also encapsulated my placenta. My baby's umbilical cord was long enough to be shaped and dried into the word love which was a surprise to me when she brought me the pills 2 days after my baby was born. I believe my placenta pills gave me a much needed energy boost and I never had any depression. I experienced some overproduction/engorgement during the first few weeks of breastfeeding but it subsided once I reduced the number of placenta pills I took daily.

Thank you Amber for all that you did for us. I'm glad we were lucky enough to have you as our Doula.

-Jaclyn of Hesperia,  (review can be verified on Facebook business page)

My husband and I couldn't have been more thrilled to have Amber as our doula. She gave us so much needed information leading up to the birth of our daughter and advocated for me when I felt like I couldn't advocate for myself. I think back to my labor and know that it would have been very different had she not been there. We are so thankful for her services and I highly recommend every mom to consider the advantages of having a doula by your side through this journey!

-Barbara of Hesperia, CA (review can be verified on Yelp)

Having Amber as a doula was the most amazing experience I have ever had she was so helpful and encouraging. She answered any questions I had and kept me calm. She was supportive to my husband as well and made sure he understood everything that was going on while I was in labor and instructing him as well when it came to keeping me comfortable. She made my placenta capsules which absolutely helped with my milk supply and my postpartum bleeding and she made a placenta print which I have hanging in my living room and my family absolutely adores it. My sons umbilical cord was also dried into the word love and spray painted gold and I have it in a beautiful frame in his nursery. Amber made my natural birthing experience amazingly pleasant. My husband and I plan on having more children and will definitely be using this doula service again.

-Ivie of Adelanto, CA (review can be verified on Yelp)

There are not enough words to express how blessed I felt to have Amber by my side as my doula! She helped get me through a successful all natural Vbac! A very adventurous birth story, one that's going to be fun to re-tell to my son when he's older She has this calmness about her, she was motivating and encouraging as I labored and always there throughout my pregnancy as well. If I had any questions she was only a text or a phone call away! Very attentive as well as very informative. She respected all of my beliefs and had my back when it came to staying firm and true to my birth plan. In all honesty after my experience with her I have faith and more knowledge about how our bodies work and would be confident enough to have a full home birth if I ever were to get pregnant again I am so Thankful to have met her and proud to call her my doula and would recommend her to anyone!

-Celeste of Hesperia, CA (review can be verified on Yelp)

I was skeptical at first about placenta pills but after speaking to Amber who answered all of my questions, I felt this was the right decision. I was not wrong! Not only is Amber medically trained, she is highly knowledgeable. I was induced due to pregnancy complications and delivered a healthy premature baby boy 5 weeks early. The pills have given me energy and stamina when I needed it the most. I highly recommend Amber. Not only did she adapt to my new delivery schedule, she arrived at the hospital just after I gave birth, collected my placenta and within 24 hours, she delivered my pills to me at the hospital and some other nicely wrapped goodies including my son's freeze dried umbilical cord as a keepsake. She even offered her lactation expertise at no extra charge. Thank you Amber for making the process worry free and enjoyable.

-Tiffany of Los Angeles  (review can be verified on Yelp)

Amber was a true caring professional. I am so glad I decided to have her encapsulate my placenta. The benefits were very noticeable - I felt a significant improvement in my energy and emotional/hormonal stability within the hour of first taking them. Taking the pills has consistently and noticeably contributed to my postpartum health. Worth every penny. I'd absolutely recommend her to my friends and family. Thank you!! If you're on the fence about this whole process, don't be - do it!

-Sue of Azusa, CA

My journey while pregnant was pretty frightening during the first few months simply because I had no idea what I was doing. For some reason, my original OB just wasn't cutting it for me. I felt like something was off about the practice, getting pelvic exams at least twice at the end of my first trimester and another one at the beginning of my second. I also felt totally alone throughout the process... it wasn't until maybe January that I started looking into natural births. Main reason was because I had heard the cesarean rate was a bit high with my OB and I just wanted to avoid that outcome as much as possible. Finally, my path led to Amber! She guided me through very tough times of concern. I have PTSD, depression and anxiety... Amber made sure to make me feel heard and safe. Whether I have my baby at home(I did) or in a hospital, she reassured me that no harm would come while she was around. Amber is probably one of the most important people in my life now, alongside the midwife she paired me with. My experience with my doula was phenomenal and my birth was easy peasy as well! Next child I get pregnant with, Amber will be the first I call!!!

-Nicole of Victorville, CA (review can be verified on 

Amber supported me through a vaginal birth after c-section. She met with me and my husband for birth education during my pregnancy, and helped us prepare a birth plan. She also provided educational reading at my request to help me make infomed choices about my care. My pregnancy lasted 42 weeks and 3 days, and she helped me advocate for myself and my baby when the doctors were insisting on a c-section. On the night my son was born, she met us at the hospital, and helped me advocate for myself again. She is very well educated on when ACOG indicates a c-section is necessary, and she helped me make informed decisions that led to my son's healthy vaginal birth. I firmly believe that she helped me shorten my labor using the miles circuit, an awesome stability ball called a peanut, essential oil, and an added sense of safety that came from knowing she was there to support me. When the doctors handed me forms to consent to surgery, she reminded us to ask for all the options and to take our time on a decision. She supported me in breastfeeding and diagnosed my son's tongue tie. She also encapsulated my placenta, which I credit with helping me recover emotionally from giving birth. I can't say enough in her praise! She is largely responsible for helping me experience an empowering, beautiful, vaginal birth, and I will be grateful for the rest of my life!

-Cassandra of Hesperia, CA  (review can be verified on

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